Articles | Volume 15, issue 18
Model description paper
22 Sep 2022
Model description paper |  | 22 Sep 2022

MultilayerPy (v1.0): a Python-based framework for building, running and optimising kinetic multi-layer models of aerosols and films

Adam Milsom, Amy Lees, Adam M. Squires, and Christian Pfrang

Model code and software

MultilayerPy A. Milsom, A. Lees, A. M. Squires, and C. Pfrang

Short summary
MultilayerPy is a Python-based framework facilitating the creation, running and optimisation of state-of-the-art kinetic multi-layer models of aerosol and film processes. Models can be fit to data with local and global optimisation algorithms along with a statistical sampling algorithm, which quantifies the uncertainty in optimised model parameters. This “modelling study in a box” enables more reproducible and reliable results, with model code and outputs produced in a human-readable way.