Articles | Volume 15, issue 17
Model description paper
06 Sep 2022
Model description paper |  | 06 Sep 2022

LPJ-GUESS/LSMv1.0: a next-generation land surface model with high ecological realism

David Martín Belda, Peter Anthoni, David Wårlind, Stefan Olin, Guy Schurgers, Jing Tang, Benjamin Smith, and Almut Arneth

Data sets

Forcing data, evaluation data, model output and analysis scripts used in LPJ-GUESS/LSM description paper [Data set] D. Martin-Belda

Short summary
We present a number of augmentations to the ecosystem model LPJ-GUESS, which will allow us to use it in studies of the interactions between the land biosphere and the climate. The new module enables calculation of fluxes of energy and water into the atmosphere that are consistent with the modelled vegetation processes. The modelled fluxes are in fair agreement with observations across 21 sites from the FLUXNET network.