Articles | Volume 15, issue 17
Model description paper
01 Sep 2022
Model description paper |  | 01 Sep 2022

A physically based distributed karst hydrological model (QMG model-V1.0) for flood simulations

Ji Li, Daoxian Yuan, Fuxi Zhang, Jiao Liu, and Mingguo Ma

Data sets

Simulated data and modelling data package includes the DEM data, land use type and soil type data Ji Li

Model code and software

QMG model-V1.0 code (v1.0) Ji Li

Short summary
A new karst hydrological model (the QMG model) is developed to simulate and predict the floods in karst trough valley basins. Unlike the complex structure and parameters of current karst groundwater models, this model has a simple double-layered structure with few parameters and decreases the demand for modeling data in karst areas. The flood simulation results based on the QMG model of the Qingmuguan karst trough valley basin are satisfactory, indicating the suitability of the model simulation.