Articles | Volume 15, issue 16
Development and technical paper
16 Aug 2022
Development and technical paper |  | 16 Aug 2022

Islet: interpolation semi-Lagrangian element-based transport

Andrew M. Bradley, Peter A. Bosler, and Oksana Guba

Data sets

Data used in the figures. Andrew M. Bradley

Model code and software

Islet method code Andrew M. Bradley

Short summary
Tracer transport in atmosphere models can be computationally expensive. We describe a flexible and efficient interpolation semi-Lagrangian method, the Islet method. It permits using up to three grids that share an element grid: a dynamics grid for computing quantities such as the wind velocity; a physics parameterizations grid; and a tracer grid. The Islet method performs well on a number of verification problems and achieves high performance in the E3SM Atmosphere Model version 2.