Articles | Volume 15, issue 14
Development and technical paper
25 Jul 2022
Development and technical paper |  | 25 Jul 2022

Assessing the robustness and scalability of the accelerated pseudo-transient method

Ludovic Räss, Ivan Utkin, Thibault Duretz, Samuel Omlin, and Yuri Y. Podladchikov

Model code and software

PTsolvers/PseudoTransientStokes.jl: PseudoTransientStokes.jl 1.0.0 Ludovic Räss and Ivan Utkin

PTsolvers/PseudoTransientDiffusion.jl: PseudoTransientDiffusion.jl 1.0.0 Ludovic Räss and Ivan Utkin

Short summary
Continuum mechanics-based modelling of physical processes at large scale requires huge computational resources provided by massively parallel hardware such as graphical processing units. We present a suite of numerical algorithms, implemented using the Julia language, that efficiently leverages the parallelism. We demonstrate that our implementation is efficient, scalable and robust and showcase applications to various geophysical problems.