Articles | Volume 15, issue 12
Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 4739–4755, 2022

Special issue: Modelling inland waters in a changing climate (GMD/ESD/TC...

Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 4739–4755, 2022
Model evaluation paper
21 Jun 2022
Model evaluation paper | 21 Jun 2022

Validation of turbulent heat transfer models against eddy covariance flux measurements over a seasonally ice-covered lake

Joonatan Ala-Könni et al.

Data sets

Lake Kuivajärvi dataset Heikki Laakso, Ivan Mammarella, Janne Levula, Kukka-Maaria Erkkilä, Teemu Matilainen and Turo Salminen

SMEAR II forest meteorology Janne Rinne, Erkki Siivola, Heikki Laakso, Janne Levula, Johanna Patokoski, Juho Aalto, Maija Kajos, Markku Kulmala, Matti Leskinen, Pasi Aalto, Pasi Kolari ,Pekka Rantala, Petri Keronen, Risto Taipale, Taina Ruuskanen and Toivo Pohja

Model code and software

Lake heat flux analyzer Woolway, R. I., Jones, I. D., Hamilton, D. P., Maberly, S. C., Muraoka, K., Read, J. S., Smyth, R. L. and Winslow, L. A.

SHEBA Sea-Ice Ed Andreas

Short summary
Properties of seasonally ice-covered lakes are not currently sufficiently included in global climate models. To fill this gap, this study evaluates three models that could be used to quantify the amount of heat that moves from and into the lake by the air above it and through evaporation of the ice cover. The results show that the complex nature of the surrounding environment as well as difficulties in accurately measuring the surface temperature of ice introduce errors to these models.