Articles | Volume 15, issue 2
Development and technical paper
19 Jan 2022
Development and technical paper |  | 19 Jan 2022

Downscaling of air pollutants in Europe using uEMEP_v6

Qing Mu, Bruce Rolstad Denby, Eivind Grøtting Wærsted, and Hilde Fagerli

Model code and software

metno/uEMEP: uEMEPv6 Bruce Rolstad Denby

uEMEP matlab plotting scripts for visualisation of European uEMEP calculations Bruce Rolstad Denby

EMEP model configuration file for the study "Downscaling of air pollutants in Europe using uEMEP_v6" Qing Mu

metno/uEMEP Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET Norway)

metno/emepctm Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET Norway)

Short summary
Our study has achieved air quality modelling down to 100 m for all of Europe. This solves the current problem that street-level air quality modelling is usually limited to individual cities. With publicly available downscaling proxy data, even regions without their own high-resolution proxy data can obtain air quality maps at 100 m. The work is of significance for air quality mitigation strategies and human health exposure studies.