Articles | Volume 15, issue 9
Model description paper
09 May 2022
Model description paper |  | 09 May 2022

Blockworlds 0.1.0: a demonstration of anti-aliased geophysics for probabilistic inversions of implicit and kinematic geological models

Richard Scalzo, Mark Lindsay, Mark Jessell, Guillaume Pirot, Jeremie Giraud, Edward Cripps, and Sally Cripps

Model code and software

rscalzo/blockworlds: (v0.1.0-beta.3) R. Scalzo

simpeg/simpeg: Simulation (v0.14.0) L. Heagy, S. Kang, D. Fournier, G. K. Rosenkjaer, J. Capriotti, T. Astic, D. C. Cowan, D. Marchant, M. Mitchell, J. Kuttai, D. Werthmüller, L. A. Caudillo Mata, Z.-K. Ye, F. Koch, B. Smithyman, K. Martens, C. Miller, C. Gohlke, ... and F. Perez

Short summary
This paper addresses numerical challenges in reasoning about geological models constrained by sensor data, especially models that describe the history of an area in terms of a sequence of events. Our method ensures that small changes in simulated geological features, such as the position of a boundary between two rock layers, do not result in unrealistically large changes to resulting sensor measurements, as occur presently using several popular modeling packages.