Articles | Volume 15, issue 4
Model description paper
24 Feb 2022
Model description paper |  | 24 Feb 2022

Supporting hierarchical soil biogeochemical modeling: version 2 of the Biogeochemical Transport and Reaction model (BeTR-v2)

Jinyun Tang, William J. Riley, and Qing Zhu

Data sets

v1.0.0 jinyuntang/E3SM: ELMv1-BeTR-ECA for BeTR-v2 paper J. Y. Tang

Model code and software

BeTR-biogeochemistry-modeling/sbetr: New release after bgc update with elm. Jinyun Tang

Short summary
We here describe version 2 of BeTR, a reactive transport model created to help ease the development of biogeochemical capability in Earth system models that are used for quantifying ecosystem–climate feedbacks. We then coupled BeTR-v2 to the Energy Exascale Earth System Model to quantify how different numerical couplings of plants and soils affect simulated ecosystem biogeochemistry. We found that different couplings lead to significant uncertainty that is not correctable by tuning parameters.