Articles | Volume 14, issue 1
Model description paper
07 Jan 2021
Model description paper |  | 07 Jan 2021

An N-dimensional Fortran interpolation programme (NterGeo.v2020a) for geophysics sciences – application to a back-trajectory programme (Backplumes.v2020r1) using CHIMERE or WRF outputs

Bertrand Bessagnet, Laurent Menut, and Maxime Beauchamp

Model code and software

A N-dimensional Fortran Interpolation Program (NterGeo) for Geophysics Sciences Bertrand Bessagnet

BACKPLUMES program v2020r1 April 2020 L. Menut

Short summary
This paper presents a new interpolator useful for geophysics applications. It can explore N-dimensional meshes, grids or look-up tables. The code accepts irregular but structured grids. Written in Fortran, it is easy to implement in existing codes and very fast and portable. We have compared it with a Python library. Python is convenient but suffers from portability and is sometimes not optimized enough. As an application case, this method is applied to atmospheric sciences.