Articles | Volume 14, issue 12
Model description paper
20 Dec 2021
Model description paper |  | 20 Dec 2021

Model calibration using ESEm v1.1.0 – an open, scalable Earth system emulator

Duncan Watson-Parris, Andrew Williams, Lucia Deaconu, and Philip Stier

Data sets

Example Perturbed Parameter Ensemble (Black Carbon) Duncan Watson-Parris and Lucia Deaconu

duncanwp/ESEm: v1.1.0 (v1.1.0) Duncan Watson-Parris, Andrew Williams, and Pietro Monticone

Data of the paper: Ensemble daily simulations for elucidating cloud–aerosol interactions under a large spread of realistic environmental conditions Guy Dagan and Philip Stier

Model code and software

ESEm v1.1.0 Duncan Watson-Parris and Andrew Williams

Short summary
The Earth System Emulator (ESEm) provides a fast and flexible framework for emulating a wide variety of Earth science datasets and tools for constraining (or tuning) models of any complexity. Three distinct use cases are presented that demonstrate the utility of ESEm and provide some insight into the use of machine learning for emulation in these different settings. The open-source Python package is freely available so that it might become a valuable tool for the community.