Articles | Volume 14, issue 7
Model description paper
30 Jul 2021
Model description paper |  | 30 Jul 2021

Ocean Plastic Assimilator v0.2: assimilation of plastic concentration data into Lagrangian dispersion models

Axel Peytavin, Bruno Sainte-Rose, Gael Forget, and Jean-Michel Campin

Data sets

Data Archive for the Ocean Plastic Assimilator v0.2 : Raw data of results presented in the paper + Advection data to reproduce experiments Axel Peytavin

Model code and software

OceanPlasticAssimilator Version 0.2 : Archive of the code, including a notebook to reproduce the results Axel Peytavin and Gael Forget

Short summary
We present a new algorithm developed at The Ocean Cleanup to update ocean plastic models based on measurements from the field to improve future cleaning operations. Prepared in collaboration with MIT researchers, this initial study presents its use in several analytical and real test cases in which two observers in a flow field record regular observations to update a plastic forecast. We demonstrate this improves the prediction, even with inaccurate knowledge of the water flows driving plastic.