Articles | Volume 14, issue 7
Model experiment description paper
20 Jul 2021
Model experiment description paper |  | 20 Jul 2021

Sensitivity analysis of the PALM model system 6.0 in the urban environment

Michal Belda, Jaroslav Resler, Jan Geletič, Pavel Krč, Björn Maronga, Matthias Sühring, Mona Kurppa, Farah Kanani-Sühring, Vladimír Fuka, Kryštof Eben, Nina Benešová, and Mikko Auvinen

Data sets

Sensitivity Analysis of the PALM Model System 6.0 in the Urban Environment Library of Czech Academy of Sciences

Model code and software

Source code of the PALM model system 6.0 in revision 4093 J. Geletiċ, J. Resler, P. Krċ, B. Maronga, M. Sühring, and V. Fuka

Short summary
The analysis summarizes how sensitive the modelling of urban environment is to changes in physical parameters describing the city (e.g. reflectivity of surfaces) and to several heat island mitigation scenarios in a city quarter in Prague, Czech Republic. We used the large-eddy simulation modelling system PALM 6.0. Surface parameters connected to radiation show the highest sensitivity in this configuration. For heat island mitigation, urban vegetation is shown to be the most effective measure.