Articles | Volume 14, issue 6
Model evaluation paper
11 Jun 2021
Model evaluation paper |  | 11 Jun 2021

A spatially explicit approach to simulate urban heat mitigation with InVEST (v3.8.0)

Martí Bosch, Maxence Locatelli, Perrine Hamel, Roy P. Remme, Jérôme Chenal, and Stéphane Joost

Data sets

Datasets M. Bosch, M. Locatelli, P. Hamel, R. P. Remme, J. Chenal, and S. Joost

Lausanne agglomeration extent Martí Bosch

Lausanne tree canopy Martí Bosch

Model code and software

martibosch/lausanne-heat-islands: GMD published (Version gmd-published) M. Bosch

Short summary
The article presents a novel approach to simulate urban heat mitigation from land use/land cover data based on three biophysical mechanisms: tree shade, evapotranspiration and albedo. An automated procedure is proposed to calibrate the model parameters to best fit temperature observations from monitoring stations. A case study in Lausanne, Switzerland, shows that the approach outperforms regressions based on satellite data and provides valuable insights into design heat mitigation policies.