Articles | Volume 14, issue 1
Development and technical paper
12 Jan 2021
Development and technical paper |  | 12 Jan 2021

GTS v1.0: a macrophysics scheme for climate models based on a probability density function

Chein-Jung Shiu, Yi-Chi Wang, Huang-Hsiung Hsu, Wei-Ting Chen, Hua-Lu Pan, Ruiyu Sun, Yi-Hsuan Chen, and Cheng-An Chen

Model code and software

rceclccr/TaiESM v1.0.0 (Version v1.0.0) W.-L. Lee, Y.-C. Wang, C.-J. Shiu, I. Tsai, C.-Y. Tu, Y.-Y. Lan, J.-P. Chen, H.-L. Pan, and H.-H. Hsu

Short summary
A cloud macrophysics scheme utilizing grid-mean hydrometeor information is developed and evaluated for climate models. The GFS–TaiESM–Sundqvist (GTS) scheme can simulate variations of cloud fraction associated with relative humidity (RH) in a more consistent way than the default scheme of CAM5.3. Through better cloud–RH distributions, the GTS scheme helps to better represent cloud fraction, cloud radiative forcing, and thermodynamic-related climatic fields in climate simulations.