Articles | Volume 14, issue 3
Model description paper
15 Mar 2021
Model description paper |  | 15 Mar 2021

An urban large-eddy-simulation-based dispersion model for marginal grid resolutions: CAIRDIO v1.0

Michael Weger, Oswald Knoth, and Bernd Heinold

Data sets

CAIRDIO City-Scale Air Dispersion Model with Diffusive Obstacles [computer program] Michael Weger, Oswald Knoth, and Bernd Heinold

Short summary
A new numerical air-quality transport model for cities is presented, in which buildings are described diffusively. The used diffusive-obstacles approach helps to reduce the computational costs for high-resolution simulations as the grid spacing can be more coarse than in traditional approaches. The research which led to this model development was primarily motivated by the need for a computationally feasible downscaling tool for urban wind and pollution fields from meteorological model output.