Articles | Volume 14, issue 1
Model description paper
04 Jan 2021
Model description paper |  | 04 Jan 2021

IntelliO3-ts v1.0: a neural network approach to predict near-surface ozone concentrations in Germany

Felix Kleinert, Lukas H. Leufen, and Martin G. Schultz

Model code and software

IntelliO3-ts: Source code and data Kleinert, Felix; Leufen, Lukas H.; Schultz, Martin G.;

Short summary
With IntelliO3-ts v1.0, we present an artificial neural network as a new forecasting model for daily aggregated near-surface ozone concentrations with a lead time of up to 4 d. We used measurement and reanalysis data from more than 300 German monitoring stations to train, fine tune, and test the model. We show that the model outperforms standard reference models like persistence models and demonstrate that IntelliO3-ts outperforms climatological reference models for the first 2 d.