Articles | Volume 13, issue 11
Model evaluation paper
18 Nov 2020
Model evaluation paper |  | 18 Nov 2020

Sensitivity of spatial aerosol particle distributions to the boundary conditions in the PALM model system 6.0

Mona Kurppa, Pontus Roldin, Jani Strömberg, Anna Balling, Sasu Karttunen, Heino Kuuluvainen, Jarkko V. Niemi, Liisa Pirjola, Topi Rönkkö, Hilkka Timonen, Antti Hellsten, and Leena Järvi

Data sets

Input files and scripts for creating PALM simulation input files on Mäkelänkatu in Helsinki, Finland Mona Kurppa and Jani Strömberg

Model input and output, performance measures and modifications in the source code for PALM simulations on Mäkelänkatu in Helsinki, Finland Mona Kurppa

Model code and software

Source code of the PALM model system (revision 4416) Mona Kurppa

Python scripts for evaluating PALM simulations against mobile air quality observations on Mäkelänkatu in Helsinki, Finland Mona Kurppa

Short summary
High-resolution modelling is needed to solve the aerosol concentrations in a complex urban area. Here, the performance of an aerosol module within the PALM model to simulate the detailed horizontal and vertical distribution of aerosol particles is studied. Further, sensitivity to the meteorological and aerosol boundary conditions is assessed using both model and observation data. The horizontal distribution is sensitive to the wind speed and stability, and the vertical to the wind direction.