Articles | Volume 13, issue 5
Development and technical paper
13 May 2020
Development and technical paper |  | 13 May 2020

A full Stokes subgrid scheme in two dimensions for simulation of grounding line migration in ice sheets using Elmer/ICE (v8.3)

Gong Cheng, Per Lötstedt, and Lina von Sydow

Model code and software

apabilities and performance of Elmer/Ice, a new-generation ice sheet model ( O. Gagliardini, T. Zwinger, F. Gillet-Chaulet, G. Durand, L. Favier, B. de Fleurian, R. Greve, M. Malinen, C. Martín, P. Råback, J. Ruokolainen, , M. Sacchettini, M. Schäfer, H. Seddik, J. and Thies

Short summary
A full Stokes subgrid scheme in two dimensions for the grounding line migration problem is presented in the open-source finite-element framework Elmer/ICE. This method can achieve comparable results to previous research using a more than 20 times larger mesh size, which can be used to improve the efficiency in marine ice sheet simulations.