Articles | Volume 12, issue 12
Methods for assessment of models
11 Dec 2019
Methods for assessment of models |  | 11 Dec 2019

Algorithmic differentiation for cloud schemes (IFS Cy43r3) using CoDiPack (v1.8.1)

Manuel Baumgartner, Max Sagebaum, Nicolas R. Gauger, Peter Spichtinger, and André Brinkmann

Model code and software

Algorithmic Differentiation for Cloud Schemes using CoDiPack (v1.8.1) Manuel Baumgartner

SciCompKL/CoDiPack: Version 1.8.1 Max Sagebaum, Tim Albring, Denis Demidov, Matthias Möller, Edwin van der Weide, Mike Lam

Short summary
Numerical models in atmospheric sciences need to include physical processes through parameterizations, which are not explicitly resolved, e.g., the formation of clouds. As a consequence, the parameterizations contain uncertain parameters. We suggest using the technique of algorithmic differentiation (AD) to identify the most uncertain parameters within parameterizations. In this study, we illustrate AD by analyzing a scheme for liquid clouds incorporated into a parcel model framework.