Articles | Volume 12, issue 10
Model description paper
07 Oct 2019
Model description paper |  | 07 Oct 2019

Pysteps: an open-source Python library for probabilistic precipitation nowcasting (v1.0)

Seppo Pulkkinen, Daniele Nerini, Andrés A. Pérez Hortal, Carlos Velasco-Forero, Alan Seed, Urs Germann, and Loris Foresti

Model code and software S. Pulkkinen, D. Nerini, A. Perez Hortal, C. Velasco-Forero and L. Foresti

Short summary
Reliable precipitation forecasts are vital for the society, as water-related hazards can cause economic losses and loss of lives. Pysteps is an open-source Python library for radar-based precipitation forecasting. It aims to be a well-documented platform for development of new methods as well as an easy-to-use tool for practitioners. The potential of the library is demonstrated by case studies and scientific experiments using radar data from Finland, Switzerland, the United States and Australia.