Articles | Volume 12, issue 6
Development and technical paper
01 Jul 2019
Development and technical paper |  | 01 Jul 2019

Implementation of an immersed boundary method in the Meso-NH v5.2 model: applications to an idealized urban environment

Franck Auguste, Géraldine Réa, Roberto Paoli, Christine Lac, Valery Masson, and Daniel Cariolle

Data sets

MNH-IBM: Source code and input files Franck Auguste

Short summary
The numerical implementation of an immersed boundary method in the atmospheric solver Meso-NH is presented. This technique models fluid–solid interaction and allows for the simulation of urban flows by considering buildings to be part of the resolved scales. This study constitutes a first robust step towards a better understanding of the interactions between weather and cities and better predictions of such interactions.