Articles | Volume 12, issue 6
Model experiment description paper
12 Jun 2019
Model experiment description paper |  | 12 Jun 2019

Assessment of sub-shelf melting parameterisations using the ocean–ice-sheet coupled model NEMO(v3.6)–Elmer/Ice(v8.3)

Lionel Favier, Nicolas C. Jourdain, Adrian Jenkins, Nacho Merino, Gaël Durand, Olivier Gagliardini, Fabien Gillet-Chaulet, and Pierre Mathiot

Model code and software

NEMO-Elmer/Ice Coupling Framework, version 1.1 Nicolas Jourdain, Lionel Favier, and Nacho Merino

NEMO setup, version Feb-2019 Nicolas Jourdain, Lionel Favier, and Nacho Merino

Elmer/Ice setup, version 1.2 Lionel Favier, Nicolas Jourdain, and Nacho Merino

Short summary
The melting at the base of floating ice shelves is the main driver of the Antarctic ice sheet current retreat. Here, we use an ideal set-up to assess a wide range of melting parameterisations depending on oceanic properties with regard to a new ocean–ice-sheet coupled model, published here for the first time. A parameterisation that depends quadratically on thermal forcing in both a local and a non-local way yields the best results and needs to be further assessed with more realistic set-ups.