Articles | Volume 12, issue 6
Model description paper
07 Jun 2019
Model description paper |  | 07 Jun 2019

Description and validation of an intermediate complexity model for ecosystem photosynthesis and evapotranspiration: ACM-GPP-ETv1

Thomas Luke Smallman and Mathew Williams

Model code and software

Aggregated Canopy Model for Gross Primary Productivity and Evapotranspiration (Version 1) Thomas Luke Smallman and Mathew Williams

Short summary
Photosynthesis and evapotranspiration are processes with global significance for climate, carbon and water cycling. Process-orientated simulation of these processes and their interactions have till now come at high computational cost. Here we present a new coupled model of intermediate complexity operating at orders of magnitude greater speed. Independent evaluation at FLUXNET sites for a single, global parameterization shows good agreement, with a typical R2 value of ~ 0.60.