Articles | Volume 12, issue 4
Model description paper
12 Apr 2019
Model description paper |  | 12 Apr 2019

Fldgen v1.0: an emulator with internal variability and space–time correlation for Earth system models

Robert Link, Abigail Snyder, Cary Lynch, Corinne Hartin, Ben Kravitz, and Ben Bond-Lamberty

Data sets

Data and analysis for "Fldgen v1.0: An Emulator with Internal Variability and Space-Time Correlation for Earth System Models" R. Link, A. Snyder, C. Lynch, C. Hartin, B. Kravitz, and B. Bond-Lamberty

Model code and software

Fldgen v.1.0.0 R. Link and A. Snyder

Short summary
Earth system models (ESMs) produce the highest-quality future climate data available, but they are costly to run, so only a few runs from each model are publicly available. What is needed are emulators that tell us what would have happened, if we had been able to perform as many ESM runs as we might have liked. Much of the existing work on emulators has focused on deterministic projections of average values. Here we present a way to imbue emulators with the variability seen in ESM runs.