Articles | Volume 11, issue 2
Model description paper
22 Feb 2018
Model description paper |  | 22 Feb 2018

AMM15: a new high-resolution NEMO configuration for operational simulation of the European north-west shelf

Jennifer A. Graham, Enda O'Dea, Jason Holt, Jeff Polton, Helene T. Hewitt, Rachel Furner, Karen Guihou, Ashley Brereton, Alex Arnold, Sarah Wakelin, Juan Manuel Castillo Sanchez, and C. Gabriela Mayorga Adame

Data sets

NEMO namelist for AMM15 Jennifer A. Graham

AMM15 bathymetry Jennifer A. Graham

Short summary
This paper describes the next-generation ocean forecast model for the European NW shelf, AMM15 (Atlantic Margin Model, 1.5 km resolution). The current forecast system has a resolution of 7 km. While this is sufficient to represent large-scale circulation, many dynamical features (such as eddies, frontal jets, and internal tides) can only begin to be resolved at 0–1 km resolution. Here we introduce AMM15 and demonstrate its ability to represent the mean state and variability of the region.