Articles | Volume 11, issue 12
Model description paper
21 Dec 2018
Model description paper |  | 21 Dec 2018

TPVTrack v1.0: a watershed segmentation and overlap correspondence method for tracking tropopause polar vortices

Nicholas Szapiro and Steven Cavallo

Model code and software

TPVTrack (Version v1.0.2) N. Szapiro, S. Cavallo, and B. Langenbrunner

Short summary
Tropopause polar vortices (TPVs) are coherent (anti)cyclonic features based on the tropopause common in polar regions with typical radii of 100 to 1000 km, intensities of 1 to 50 K, and lifetimes of days to months. Towards furthering our understanding of TPV structure and dynamics and their linkages throughout the earth system, the tracker more robustly represents TPV shape as variable size and intensity undulations on the tropopause and lifetime as material eddies with similarity over time.