Articles | Volume 11, issue 12
Development and technical paper
11 Dec 2018
Development and technical paper |  | 11 Dec 2018

Evaluation of iterative Kalman smoother schemes for multi-decadal past climate analysis with comprehensive Earth system models

Javier García-Pintado and André Paul

Model code and software

rDAF v1.0.0: R data assimilation framework J. García-Pintado

rdafEbm1D v1.0.0: rDAF interface for Ebm1D J. García-Pintado

rdafCESM v1.0.0: rDAF interface for CESM J. García-Pintado

Ebm1D-ad v1.0.0: 1D energy balance model of climate with automatic differentiation A. Paul

Short summary
Earth system models (ESMs) integrate interactions of atmosphere, ocean, land, ice, and biosphere to estimate the state of regional and global climate under a variety of conditions. Past climate field reconstructions with deterministic ESMs through the assimilation of climate proxies need to consider the required high computations and model non-linearity. Our tests indicate that iterative schemes based on the Kalman filter and careful sensitivity analysis are adequate for approaching the problem.