Articles | Volume 11, issue 7
Model description paper
12 Jul 2018
Model description paper |  | 12 Jul 2018

Implementing the nitrogen cycle into the dynamic global vegetation, hydrology, and crop growth model LPJmL (version 5.0)

Werner von Bloh, Sibyll Schaphoff, Christoph Müller, Susanne Rolinski, Katharina Waha, and Sönke Zaehle

Model code and software

LPJmL5 Model Code. V 5.0.001 W. von Bloh, S. Schaphoff, C. Müller, S. Rolinski, K. Waha, and S. Zaehle

Short summary
The dynamics of the terrestrial carbon cycle are of central importance for Earth system science. Nutrient limitations, especially from nitrogen, are important constraints on vegetation growth and the terrestrial carbon cycle. We extended the well-established global vegetation, hydrology, and crop model LPJmL with a nitrogen cycle. We find significant improvement in global patterns of crop productivity. Regional differences in crop productivity can now be largely reproduced by the model.