Articles | Volume 11, issue 5
Methods for assessment of models
08 May 2018
Methods for assessment of models |  | 08 May 2018

Impacts of the horizontal and vertical grids on the numerical solutions of the dynamical equations – Part 2: Quasi-geostrophic Rossby modes

Celal S. Konor and David A. Randall

Data sets

Codes and data used for plotting some figures in Konor and Randall C. Konor

Short summary
We have discussed the effects of discretization on dispersion of midlatitude Rossby waves on the A, B, C, CD, (DC), D, E and Z horizontal grids, and the L and CP vertical grids. The Z, C, D and CD (DC) grids generate similar dispersion of the baroclinic and barotropic Rossby modes. The A, E and B grids generate multiple (non-unique) solutions. The modes with the smallest resolvable vertical scale on the L grid do not retrograde. The CP-grid solutions are much more accurate than the L grid.