Articles | Volume 10, issue 12
Model description paper
30 Nov 2017
Model description paper |  | 30 Nov 2017

SedFoam-2.0: a 3-D two-phase flow numerical model for sediment transport

Julien Chauchat, Zhen Cheng, Tim Nagel, Cyrille Bonamy, and Tian-Jian Hsu

Model code and software

SedFoam/sedfoam: Release 2.0 Z. Cheng, J. Chauchat, C. Bonamy, T.-J. Hsu, and T. Nagel

Short summary
This manuscript presents the development and validation of a two-phase flow Eulerian-Eulerian model based on OpenFOAM for sediment transport applications. The mathematical and numerical models are described in detail. The numerical implementation is demonstrated on four test cases: sedimentation of suspended particles, laminar bed load, sheet flow, and scour at an apron. These test cases illustrate the capabilities of SedFoam to deal with complex turbulent sediment transport problems.