Articles | Volume 9, issue 12
Development and technical paper
07 Dec 2016
Development and technical paper |  | 07 Dec 2016

Evaluating lossy data compression on climate simulation data within a large ensemble

Allison H. Baker, Dorit M. Hammerling, Sheri A. Mickelson, Haiying Xu, Martin B. Stolpe, Phillipe Naveau, Ben Sanderson, Imme Ebert-Uphoff, Savini Samarasinghe, Francesco De Simone, Francesco Carbone, Christian N. Gencarelli, John M. Dennis, Jennifer E. Kay, and Peter Lindstrom

Data sets

CESM Models and Supported Releases CESM

Climate Data at the National Center for Atmospheric Research Earth System Grid

CESM-LE data Large Ensemble Community Project

Floating Point Compression zfp & fpzip

Short summary
We apply lossy data compression to output from the Community Earth System Model Large Ensemble Community Project. We challenge climate scientists to examine features of the data relevant to their interests and identify which of the ensemble members have been compressed, and we perform direct comparisons on features critical to climate science. We find that applying lossy data compression to climate model data effectively reduces data volumes with minimal effect on scientific results.