Articles | Volume 9, issue 7
Model description paper
27 Jul 2016
Model description paper |  | 27 Jul 2016

Comparison of adjoint and nudging methods to initialise ice sheet model basal conditions

Cyrille Mosbeux, Fabien Gillet-Chaulet, and Olivier Gagliardini

Data sets

Greenland flow variability from ice-sheet-wide velocity mapping I. Joughin, B. E. Smith, I. M. Howat, T. Scambos, and T. Moon

A new bed elevation dataset for Greenland J. L. Bamber, J. A. Griggs, R. T. W. L. Hurkmans, J. A. Dowdeswell, S. P. Gogineni, I. Howat, J. Mouginot, J. Paden, S. Palmer, E. Rignot, and D. Steinhage

Short summary
Model projections of ice sheet contribution to 21st century sea level rise are greatly affected by initial conditions. Solutions have been developed to infer the friction of the ice on its bedrock using observed surface velocities. A drawback of these methods is that remaining uncertainties, especially in the bedrock elevation, lead to non-physical ice flux divergence anomalies. Here, we compare two different solutions able to infer both bedrock friction and elevation with good performance.