Articles | Volume 5, issue 1
Development and technical paper
19 Jan 2012
Development and technical paper |  | 19 Jan 2012

The 1-way on-line coupled atmospheric chemistry model system MECO(n) – Part 3: Meteorological evaluation of the on-line coupled system

C. Hofmann, A. Kerkweg, H. Wernli, and P. Jöckel

Abstract. Three detailed meteorological case studies are conducted with the global and regional atmospheric chemistry model system ECHAM5/MESSy(→COSMO/MESSy)n, shortly named MECO(n). The aim of this article is to assess the general performance of the on-line coupling of the regional model COSMO to the global model ECHAM5. The cases are characterised by intense weather systems in Central Europe: a cold front passage in March 2010, a convective frontal event in July 2007, and the high impact winter storm "Kyrill" in January 2007. Simulations are performed with the new on-line-coupled model system and compared to classical, off-line COSMO hindcast simulations driven by ECMWF analyses. Precipitation observations from rain gauges and ECMWF analysis fields are used as reference, and both qualitative and quantitative measures are used to characterise the quality of the various simulations. It is shown that, not surprisingly, simulations with a shorter lead time generally produce more accurate simulations. Irrespective of lead time, the accuracy of the on-line and off-line COSMO simulations are comparable for the three cases. This result indicates that the new global and regional model system MECO(n) is able to simulate key mid-latitude weather systems, including cyclones, fronts, and convective precipitation, as accurately as present-day state-of-the-art regional weather prediction models in standard off-line configuration. Therefore, MECO(n) will be applied to simulate atmospheric chemistry exploring the model's full capabilities during meteorologically challenging conditions.