Articles | Volume 4, issue 2
Model description paper
04 Apr 2011
Model description paper |  | 04 Apr 2011

Design and implementation of the infrastructure of HadGEM3: the next-generation Met Office climate modelling system

H. T. Hewitt, D. Copsey, I. D. Culverwell, C. M. Harris, R. S. R. Hill, A. B. Keen, A. J. McLaren, and E. C. Hunke

Abstract. This paper describes the development of a technically robust climate modelling system, HadGEM3, which couples the Met Office Unified Model atmosphere component, the NEMO ocean model and the Los Alamos sea ice model (CICE) using the OASIS coupler. Details of the coupling and technical solutions of the physical model (HadGEM3-AO) are documented, in addition to a description of the configurations of the individual submodels. The paper demonstrates that the implementation of the model has resulted in accurate conservation of heat and freshwater across the model components. The model performance in early versions of this climate model is briefly described to demonstrate that the results are scientifically credible. HadGEM3-AO is the basis for a number of modelling efforts outside of the Met Office, both within the UK and internationally. This documentation of the HadGEM3-AO system provides a detailed reference for developers of HadGEM3-based climate configurations.