Articles | Volume 17, issue 11
Methods for assessment of models
10 Jun 2024
Methods for assessment of models |  | 10 Jun 2024

A general comprehensive evaluation method for cross-scale precipitation forecasts

Bing Zhang, Mingjian Zeng, Anning Huang, Zhengkun Qin, Couhua Liu, Wenru Shi, Xin Li, Kefeng Zhu, Chunlei Gu, and Jialing Zhou

Data sets

Data and Software for Developing a General Comprehensive Evaluation Method for Cross-Scale Precipitation Forecasts B. Zhang et al.

Short summary
By directly analyzing the proximity of precipitation forecasts and observations, a precipitation accuracy score (PAS) method was constructed. This method does not utilize a traditional contingency-table-based classification verification; however, it can replace the threat score (TS), equitable threat score (ETS), and other skill score methods, and it can be used to calculate the accuracy of numerical models or quantitative precipitation forecasts.