Articles | Volume 17, issue 9
Development and technical paper
17 May 2024
Development and technical paper |  | 17 May 2024

Open boundary conditions for atmospheric large-eddy simulations and their implementation in DALES4.4

Franciscus Liqui Lung, Christian Jakob, A. Pier Siebesma, and Fredrik Jansson

Model code and software

franslql/dales: DALES 4.4 with open boundary conditions Liqui Lung et al.

Short summary
Traditionally, high-resolution atmospheric models employ periodic boundary conditions, which limit simulations to domains without horizontal variations. In this research open boundary conditions are developed to replace the periodic boundary conditions. The implementation is tested in a controlled setup, and the results show minimal disturbances. Using these boundary conditions, high-resolution models can be forced by a coarser model to study atmospheric phenomena in realistic background states.