Articles | Volume 16, issue 17
Model evaluation paper
08 Sep 2023
Model evaluation paper |  | 08 Sep 2023

Open-ocean tides simulated by ICON-O, version icon-2.6.6

Jin-Song von Storch, Eileen Hertwig, Veit Lüschow, Nils Brüggemann, Helmuth Haak, Peter Korn, and Vikram Singh

Data sets

Tides simulated by the global ocean model ICON-O in various set-ups Eileen Hertwig, Jin-Song von Storch, Helmuth Haak, and Veit Lüschow

ICON-O spin-up simulations (for ICON-Tide) E. Hertwig, J.-S. von Storch, H. Haak, V. Singh, X. Zhu, and N. Brüggemann

ICON-O simulations with tides (ICON-Tide) E. Hertwig, J.-S. von Storch, V. Lüschow, V. Singh, N. Brüggemann, N. and H. Haak

TPXO9 data used for ICON-O tides evaluation Eileen Hertwig and Jin-Song von Storch

Model code and software

icon-2.6.6-tides Jin-Song von Storch and Helmuth Haak

Interactive computing environment

Scripts used for Open-ocean tides simulated by ICON-O Eileen Hertwig, Jin-Song von Storch, and Nils Brüggemann


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Short summary
The new ocean general circulation model ICON-O is developed for running experiments at kilometer scales and beyond. One targeted application is to simulate internal tides crucial for ocean mixing. To ensure their realism, which is difficult to assess, we evaluate the barotropic tides that generate internal tides. We show that ICON-O is able to realistically simulate the major aspects of the observed barotropic tides and discuss the aspects that impact the quality of the simulated tides.