Articles | Volume 16, issue 14
Model description paper
18 Jul 2023
Model description paper |  | 18 Jul 2023

Sensitivity of tropospheric ozone to halogen chemistry in the chemistry–climate model LMDZ-INCA vNMHC

Cyril Caram, Sophie Szopa, Anne Cozic, Slimane Bekki, Carlos A. Cuevas, and Alfonso Saiz-Lopez

Model code and software

INCA_HalogTropo_GMD_2023 Sophie Szopa, Anne Cozic, and Cyril Caram

Short summary
We studied the role of halogenated compounds (containing chlorine, bromine and iodine), emitted by natural processes (mainly above the oceans), in the chemistry of the lower layers of the atmosphere. We introduced this relatively new chemistry in a three-dimensional climate–chemistry model and looked at how this chemistry will disrupt the ozone. We showed that the concentration of ozone decreases by 22 % worldwide and that of the atmospheric detergent, OH, by 8 %.