Articles | Volume 16, issue 9
Development and technical paper
11 May 2023
Development and technical paper |  | 11 May 2023

Global seamless tidal simulation using a 3D unstructured-grid model (SCHISM v5.10.0)

Y. Joseph Zhang, Tomas Fernandez-Montblanc, William Pringle, Hao-Cheng Yu, Linlin Cui, and Saeed Moghimi

Data sets

Model setup Y. Joseph Zhang, Tomas Fernandez-MontBlanc, William Pringle, Hao-Cheng Yu, Linlin Cui, and Saeed Moghimi

GESLA (Global Extreme Sea Level Analysis) high frequency sea level dataset - Version 2 P. L. Woodworth, J. R. Hunter, M. Marcos Moreno, P. C. Caldwell, M. Menendez, and I. D. Haigh

Model code and software

Source code Y. J. Zhang, Z. G. Wang, F. Ye, C. Cai, C. Lemmen, J. U. Khan, H. C. Yu, Q. Wang, J. R. Calzada, L. Mentaschi, C. Seaton, K. Nam, K. Martins, Q. Shu, B. Breyiannis, C. Trenham, E. Ateljecvich, H. Q. Tran, J. Clements, W. Huang, and M. Pezerat

Short summary
Simulating global ocean from deep basins to coastal areas is a daunting task but is important for disaster mitigation efforts. We present a new 3D global ocean model on flexible mesh to study both tidal and nontidal processes and total water prediction. We demonstrate the potential for seamless simulation, on a single mesh, from the global ocean to a few estuaries along the US West Coast. The model can serve as the backbone of a global tide surge and compound flooding forecasting framework.