Articles | Volume 16, issue 9
Model description paper
09 May 2023
Model description paper |  | 09 May 2023

ChemicalDrift 1.0: an open-source Lagrangian chemical-fate and transport model for organic aquatic pollutants

Manuel Aghito, Loris Calgaro, Knut-Frode Dagestad, Christian Ferrarin, Antonio Marcomini, Øyvind Breivik, and Lars Robert Hole

Data sets

ChemicalDrift 1.0: code and data Manuel Aghito

Model code and software

ChemicalDrift 1.0: code Manuel Aghito

Short summary
The newly developed ChemicalDrift model can simulate the transport and fate of chemicals in the ocean and in coastal regions. The model combines ocean physics, including transport due to currents, turbulence due to surface winds and the sinking of particles to the sea floor, with ocean chemistry, such as the partitioning, the degradation and the evaporation of chemicals. The model will be utilized for risk assessment of ocean and sea-floor contamination from pollutants emitted from shipping.