Articles | Volume 16, issue 7
Development and technical paper
06 Apr 2023
Development and technical paper |  | 06 Apr 2023

Improving the representation of shallow cumulus convection with the simplified-higher-order-closure–mass-flux (SHOC+MF v1.0) approach

Maria J. Chinita, Mikael Witte, Marcin J. Kurowski, Joao Teixeira, Kay Suselj, Georgios Matheou, and Peter Bogenschutz

Data sets

Data for SHOC+MF_v1.0 Maria Chinita

Model code and software

Code for SHOC+MF_v1.0 Maria Chinita

E3SM Project (DOE)E3SM Project (DOE) E3SM Project (DOE)

Short summary
Low clouds are one of the largest sources of uncertainty in climate prediction. In this paper, we introduce the first version of the unified turbulence and shallow convection parameterization named SHOC+MF developed to improve the representation of shallow cumulus clouds in the Simple Cloud-Resolving E3SM Atmosphere Model (SCREAM). Here, we also show promising preliminary results in a single-column model framework for two benchmark cases of shallow cumulus convection.