Articles | Volume 16, issue 6
Model description paper
28 Mar 2023
Model description paper |  | 28 Mar 2023

Importance of ice nucleation and precipitation on climate with the Parameterization of Unified Microphysics Across Scales version 1 (PUMASv1)

Andrew Gettelman, Hugh Morrison, Trude Eidhammer, Katherine Thayer-Calder, Jian Sun, Richard Forbes, Zachary McGraw, Jiang Zhu, Trude Storelvmo, and John Dennis

Data sets

Simulations and Code in Support of PUMASv1 Revised Paper (GMDD) (Revised version (revision 1)) Andrew Gettelman

Short summary
Clouds are a critical part of weather and climate prediction. In this work, we document updates and corrections to the description of clouds used in several Earth system models. These updates include the ability to run the scheme on graphics processing units (GPUs), changes to the numerical description of precipitation, and a correction to the ice number. There are big improvements in the computational performance that can be achieved with GPU acceleration.