Articles | Volume 16, issue 4
Model evaluation paper
02 Mar 2023
Model evaluation paper |  | 02 Mar 2023

Sensitivity of NEMO4.0-SI3 model parameters on sea ice budgets in the Southern Ocean

Yafei Nie, Chengkun Li, Martin Vancoppenolle, Bin Cheng, Fabio Boeira Dias, Xianqing Lv, and Petteri Uotila

Data sets

Global Ocean Sea Ice Concentration Time Series REPROCESSED (OSI-SAF) Copernicus Marine Service

Model code and software

Y.Nie/Paper-SICB-SEN Yafei Nie

Short summary
State-of-the-art Earth system models simulate the observed sea ice extent relatively well, but this is often due to errors in the dynamic and other processes in the simulated sea ice changes cancelling each other out. We assessed the sensitivity of these processes simulated by the coupled ocean–sea ice model NEMO4.0-SI3 to 18 parameters. The performance of the model in simulating sea ice change processes was ultimately improved by adjusting the three identified key parameters.