Articles | Volume 16, issue 4
Model description paper
22 Feb 2023
Model description paper |  | 22 Feb 2023

A new precipitation emulator (PREMU v1.0) for lower-complexity models

Gang Liu, Shushi Peng, Chris Huntingford, and Yi Xi

Data sets

Global Soil Wetness Project Phase 3 Atmospheric Boundary Conditions (Experiment 1) Hyungjun Kim

Model code and software

GangLiulg/PreMU: v1.0.0 (PREMU) G. Liu, S. S. Peng, C. Huntingford, and Y. Xi

Short summary
Due to computational limits, lower-complexity models (LCMs) were developed as a complementary tool for accelerating comprehensive Earth system models (ESMs) but still lack a good precipitation emulator for LCMs. Here, we developed a data-calibrated precipitation emulator (PREMU), a computationally effective way to better estimate historical and simulated precipitation by current ESMs. PREMU has potential applications related to land surface processes and their interactions with climate change.