Articles | Volume 15, issue 15
Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 6115–6142, 2022
Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 6115–6142, 2022
Model description paper
04 Aug 2022
Model description paper | 04 Aug 2022

Climate Services Toolbox (CSTools) v4.0: from climate forecasts to climate forecast information

Núria Pérez-Zanón et al.

Model code and software

CSTools Núria Pérez-Zanón, Louis-Philippe Caron, Carmen Alvarez-Castro, Lauriane Batté, Carlos Delgado, Jost von Hardenberg, Llorenç LLedó, Nicolau Manubens, Lluís Palma, Eroteida Sanchez-Garcia, Bert van Schaeybroeck, Veronica Torralba, and Deborah Verfaillie

Short summary
CSTools (short for Climate Service Tools) is an R package that contains process-based methods for climate forecast calibration, bias correction, statistical and stochastic downscaling, optimal forecast combination, and multivariate verification, as well as basic and advanced tools to obtain tailored products. In addition to describing the structure and methods in the package, we also present three use cases to illustrate the seasonal climate forecast post-processing for specific purposes.