Articles | Volume 15, issue 13
Model evaluation paper
15 Jul 2022
Model evaluation paper |  | 15 Jul 2022

Evaluation of an emergent feature of sub-shelf melt oscillations from an idealized coupled ice sheet–ocean model using FISOC (v1.1) – ROMSIceShelf (v1.0) – Elmer/Ice (v9.0)

Chen Zhao, Rupert Gladstone, Benjamin Keith Galton-Fenzi, David Gwyther, and Tore Hattermann

Data sets

FISOC_ElmerIce_ROMS_MISOMIP1_GMD: FISOC_ElmerIce_ROMS_v1.0 Chen Zhao

Model code and software

FISOC Rupert Gladstone

Elmer/Ice CSC - IT Center for Science

ROMSIceShelf Ben Galton-Fenzi

Short summary
We use a coupled ice–ocean model to explore an oscillation feature found in several contributing models to MISOMIP1. The oscillation is closely related to the discretized grounding line retreat and likely strengthened by the buoyancy–melt feedback and/or melt–geometry feedback near the grounding line, and frequent ice–ocean coupling. Our model choices have a non-trivial impact on mean melt and ocean circulation strength, which might be interesting for the coupled ice–ocean community.