Articles | Volume 15, issue 9
Model description paper
13 May 2022
Model description paper |  | 13 May 2022

ECOSMO II(CHL): a marine biogeochemical model for the North Atlantic and the Arctic

Veli Çağlar Yumruktepe, Annette Samuelsen, and Ute Daewel

Data sets

World Ocean Atlas 2018 [tempearature, nitrate, silicate, phosphate] T. P. Boyer, H. E. Garcia, R. A. Locarnini, M. M. Zweng, A. V. Mishonov, J. R. Reagan, K. A. Weathers, O. K. Baranova, D. Seidov, D., and I. V. Smolyar

World Ocean Atlas 2013 Volume 4: Dissolved Inorganic Nutrients (phosphate, nitrate, silicate) H. E. García, R. A. Locarnini, T. P. Boyer, J. I. Antonov, O. K. Baranova, M. M. Zweng, J. R. Reagan, and D. R. Johnson

Næringssalt-, oksygen- og klorofyll- data i norske havområder fra 1980-2017 Institute of Marine Research

Model code and software

HYCOM-ECOSMOII(CHL) a marine biogeochemical model for the North Atlantic and the Arctic model code and configuration K. A. Lisæter, F. Counillon, J. Xie, C. Hansen, A. Samuelsen, V. Ç. Yumruktepe, U. Daewel, C. Schrum, G. Evensen, L. and Bertino

Short summary
We describe the coupled bio-physical model ECOSMO II(CHL), which is used for regional configurations for the North Atlantic and the Arctic hind-casting and operational purposes. The model is consistent with the large-scale climatological nutrient settings and is capable of representing regional and seasonal changes, and model primary production agrees with previous measurements. For the users of this model, this paper provides the underlying science, model evaluation and its development.