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Development and technical paper
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12 May 2022
Development and technical paper | Highlight paper |  | 12 May 2022

Training a supermodel with noisy and sparse observations: a case study with CPT and the synch rule on SPEEDO – v.1

Francine Schevenhoven and Alberto Carrassi

Model code and software

Supermodel training: CPT and the synch rule on SPEEDO - v.1 F. Schevenhoven

Short summary
In this study, we present a novel formulation to build a dynamical combination of models, the so-called supermodel, which needs to be trained based on data. Previously, we assumed complete and noise-free observations. Here, we move towards a realistic scenario and develop adaptations to the training methods in order to cope with sparse and noisy observations. The results are very promising and shed light on how to apply the method with state of the art general circulation models.