Articles | Volume 15, issue 4
Development and technical paper
28 Feb 2022
Development and technical paper |  | 28 Feb 2022

Representing low-intensity fire sensible heat output in a mesoscale atmospheric model with a canopy submodel: a case study with ARPS-CANOPY (version 5.2.12)

Michael T. Kiefer, Warren E. Heilman, Shiyuan Zhong, Joseph J. Charney, Xindi Bian, Nicholas S. Skowronski, Kenneth L. Clark, Michael R. Gallagher, John L. Hom, and Matthew Patterson

Data sets

Representing Low-Intensity Fire Sensible Heat Output in a Mesoscale Atmospheric Model with a Canopy Submodel: A Case Study with ARPS-CANOPY (version 5.2.12) [Data set] M. T. Kiefer, W. E. Heilman, S. Zhong, J. J. Charney, X. Bian, N. S. Skowronski, K. L. Clark, M. R. Gallagher, J. L. Hom, and M. Patterson

Short summary
We examine methods used to represent wildland fire sensible heat release in atmospheric models. A set of simulations are evaluated using observations from a low-intensity prescribed fire in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. The comparison is motivated by the need for guidance regarding the representation of low-intensity fire sensible heating in atmospheric models. Such fires are prevalent during prescribed fire operations and can impact the health and safety of fire personnel and the public.